ArrowTech Vindicator 23 ASA IBO NFAA 3d arrow shafts

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 The Vindicator series are unmatched in today's competitive archery market. Accuracy with advanced technology beyond anything you've ever seen. VERY consistent spine, super strong all carbon arrows. Consistency, durability and most importantly repeat-ability. Our proprietary 5 layer system and finish is just a couple of things we do different than our competition. Feel confident knowing you're shooting the most advanced technology unmatched in indoor and 3D target market.

Components sold separately          


       7.4 gpi .500  OD.347  ID.305 NEW for 2022
       8.0 gpi .400  OD.347  ID.301                                           
       11.45 gpi  .300 OD.358  ID.301
       Straightness  .0015-.00184
       Standard inserts 31 Grains                       

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