ArrowTech Speed Freak target shafts are breaking records in target the shooting market

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Are you all about Speed? The Speed Freak is what it is, ALL SPEED. Flatter shooting, super strong and VERY accurate all carbon shafts designed to give you speed, consistency,  durability without compromise. Our proprietary 5 layer system and finish is just a couple of things we do different than our competition. “It’s all about the Finish” right? Feel confident knowing you're shooting the fastest and best arrow on the market. for target and hunting.

                                                                  We highly recommend the ArrowTech Nock Collars with the SF.400, SF.500 shafts. They give the arrows another level of protection. 

Collars not included.



Also available ArrowTech Uni Bushings & Pin Nocks


        5.3 gpi  .650 OD .274 ID .243
        6.1 gpi   .500 OD .282 ID .243
        6.4 gpi  .400 OD .284 ID .243                                                                 7.9 gpi  .300 OD .294 ID .243

        Straightness .0015
        Standard inserts 20 Grains                                                                          

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