Thin Blue Line Custom ArrowTech Wraps

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ArrowTech will donate $5.00 to Blue Line Outdoors for every set of TBL wraps sold.

Decompression for Law Enforcement in the outdoors

Critical incidents are stressful. When they are over, they aren’t over..... The period after a critical-incident is a trying time for an Officer and we recognize that critical incidents come in many forms, not just Officer involved shootings.
Something that helped me personally, in the aftermath of critical incidents were friends who went out of their way to get me out on the water. Fishing, boating.....just getting outside. It truly can have a healing power. 
In association with my guiding business, and partner guides/outfitters/volunteers such as Feisty Fish Guide Service, we are able to offer no-cost guided fishing or hunting trips for Officers who are involved in recent critical incidents.
The mission of Blue Line Outdoors
is to provide an environment to decompress and relax in the outdoors while letting those who do the often thankless job know there are those out here who truly care about them and want to help with getting through a tough time!
This is for the front line. This is for the guys and gals pulling shifts in the trenches. This is for the warriors, the proud patrol-trolls and investigators out there doing the dirty work, getting things done and making the tough, split-second decisions and sacrifices.
For the Officers we host, this is 100% anonymous (no photos/ names thrown around) and is primarily offered on a referral basis. It is free. No strings, just getting outdoors. If there is a family member, or beat-partner, who would benefit from joining in an outing, lets make it happen. Where there is a need, we truly want to be able to help with the resources available at our disposal. And lastly, for any immediate family or beat partners who lose an Officer in the line of duty, please consider this same offer.
For peer-support teams, there are informational brochures and trip certificates available for you to keep on hand. Please contact us for more info.
This endeavor is a team effort. There are some great people getting involved already and we would be grateful for any support! - Jason

ArrowTech is proud to announce our new Thin Blue Line custom arrow wraps.