Best FFL software for A&D records

Best FFL software for A&D records

As many of you know, I have been in the archery industry for 30 plus years and firearms industry for many years as well. 

Over the years, I have met some fascinating people, including the founders of FastBound

Anyone who imports, distributes, sells or has anything to do with firearms really must apply for and maintain a Federal Firearms License (FFL) from the ATF. All FFL holders must keep Acquisition & Disposition (A&D) records.

A&D records track all of the firearms that an FFL has received or made (acquired) and each of those guns that the FFL has either sold, transferred, or destroyed (dispositions). Your A&D records not only show the history of your gun business, but they also are what the ATF will use to conduct an inventory during an ATF compliance inspection.

A&D records are also sometimes called “Bound Book” records because gun dealer records used to be kept in a paper book with bound pages. The left page of the bound book contained the FFL’s firearm acquisition information and the right page of the FFL’s bound book records listed firearm disposition information. These days, most FFLs use FFL software, like the software produced by my friends over at FastBound, which greatly speed up the A&D process with features like integrated FFL EZ check.

Many of my firearms industry customers have switched to FastBound over the years because they like the software, love the service, and the time and money FastBound saves them in their daily operations.


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